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Bit of New Stryper Album News

It looks like Stryper is laying down 17 songs on the new Stryper album!

“Looking forward to tracking and seeing the guys soon. Hope fully we’ll deliver the goods:-) 17 tracks in 12 days! Let the stress begin:-)” ~ Michael

It could be that I had it close to right in my earlier post. If you add all the tracks from Soldiers Under Command and the original Y&BA you get 16 tunes (18 on the YBA remix). So could be they are re-tracking both albums with one exception, or adding one new song. Not saying this is the case for sure, I don’t really know what songs are being re-recorded. But it’s a pretty close coinkidink, donchathink?

Otherwise they could be just recording a mix of ‘greatest hits’, or doing THWTD for the 25 year album anniversary as some have suggested. Excited to find out for sure, hopefully soon.


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