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The Latest and Greatest, Stryper News Roundup

  • Stryper has completed their new album The Covering, it’s their 8th studio album and their 12th release. You can view samples of some of the tracks here (more to come over the next few days). This cd also fulfills their contractual agreement with Big3 Records. Hopefully a sign of greater things to come.
  • The Covering will reportedly drop Wed., October 13th, 2010.
  • Stryper embarks on the final leg of the Murder By Pride tour on August 7th, visiting Australia for the first time over 10 years, among many other countries. View the summer tour dates here.
  • The samples from The Covering are getting rave reviews. Check out a few of the comments here.
  • Heaven & Hell will be the first single and will be available at iTunes.

Me? I’ve been tired. Tired and busy. Looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer at the pool. God Bless, and hope to see you at a Stryper show this fall.


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