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Sweet Matrimony, Michael Marries Lisa

Most of you probably know by now that Michael Sweet has remarried. I don’t typically sound off on the band’s personal lives, because they are just that, personal.

But I did just want to say that to anyone who questions this marriage, consider this.

God is a provider. In His mysterious way and infinite wisdom He provides, and even sees fit to reward His people… that’s called grace. And I can think of very, very few people who are so deserving of God’s grace than Michael Sweet, who has spent the better part of his life ministering and helping to save the souls of people who wouldn’t consider stepping foot into a church. The lost, lonely, sometimes drug addicted, trampled on rockers who look to the music of their favorite metal bands for some ounce of freedom and solace. My life is a testimony to what God has done through Michael and Stryper’s bold, unapologetic mission, and I’m just one of the tens of thousands who have been touched by Stryper’s music and are now living for Christ.

After 25 years of dedicated service and two solid years of agony battling cancer by Kyle’s bedside, Michael deserves all the happiness this life has to offer.

Congratulations Michael and Lisa, may you live happily ever after.


2 Responses to “Sweet Matrimony, Michael Marries Lisa”

  1. I am Annita and I am a fan of Stryper..and my most loving singer is Michael Sweet. I replying to “Sweet Matrimony, Michael Marries Lisa”, I have to say that I am very happy to hear that Michael has remarried. I know what it´s like to go through bad times.. I believe that God send Lisa to MIchael as a helper and partner in life. The God Himself said that “it´s not good for man to be alone”. I´m happy to know that God provided Michael with this gift, the gift of having a partner in life. Taking this opportunity by writing this comment, I would like to thank Stryper for everything they have given us all these years. Their songs were such a great help for me in the most difficult moments in my life. Listening to Stryper was like I was receiving strength from Above. I love you Stryper and Michael Sweet! Congratulations for your marriage to Lisa! I pray all the best to your new life together. God bless.

  2. Hi Michael and Lisa

    We met in Buffalo, couple years ago. I am sure you do not remember Ken and me. We all got through the bad lines at Jetblue together. I ran the Boston Marathon in Kyles name to raise money for Cancer Research at Dana Farber and MSK. It was my pleasure. Ken and Lisa talked for hours, thanks for everything. You sound awesome. I am doing my 12th Boston Marathon and will do for you and your family

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