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Stryper News Roundup

  • Just in; Stryper will be performing “Honestly”, “Winter Wonderland” and “Little Drummer Boy”, and will be recording a Christmas project soon!
  • Stryper will be performing a free set on Dec. 10th, from 3-6pm at the New York Stock Exchange Christmas Tree Lighting event. Best of all, you can watch the performance online, FREE! Click here for more.
  • Download Stryper’s new single “Alive” until Dec. 14th also FREE. Get!
  • The music video for “Alive”, Stryper’s first in 13 years, will also be released on Dec. 14th. Pray for the video to touch lives and bring Stryper back to the cutting edge of the music scene.
  • By His Strypes, an illustrated history of Stryper has been delayed until next year. Of course that just means there’s still time to order before it’s completely sold out. Get yours now.

And at long last, coming soon to NEW Stryper wallpaper… and the definitive review of Stryper’s 7th studio album, Murder By Pride.


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