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Stryper 25th Anniversary Wallpaper


Legendary Christian rock band Stryper has announced plans for a 25th Anniversary Tour, hitting 50 cities in North America this fall before going international in January and February 2010.

“After recently learning about how precious life is and how often we take for granted the time that we have here on earth, I realized that this tour may very well be the most important tour in the history of Stryper,” said Michael Sweet. “Tim, Robert, Tracy, Oz and myself are all stepping out together to show the importance of unity and forgiveness and the only way to show this is to live it. We’ve been faced with challenges over the past 25 years but two things have remained certain within our hearts and within our lives – the power of God’s love and the beauty of God’s grace.” Michael Sweet

Stryper 25th Anniversary Flyer | Press Release

Stryper fans will have limited time to purchase “Murder by Pride” song-by-song up until July 21, 2009 when the full album will be released.

Beginning on Tuesday May 5, 2009 you can purchase a song per week on iTunesHowever, as each new song is released, the previous one will no longer be available until the full album is released.  So fans have a 7 day window to purchase each track from “Murder by Pride” beginning May 5.


One Response to “Stryper 25th Anniversary Wallpaper”

  1. Stryper will always be a legend to me, I listen to you since I am a christian, and I would have liked to have met you 9 years ago who came to Costa Rica. Please come again

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