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The Roxx Regime Reviews, Part 5.

Track 5: You Won’t Be Lonely

Man, I just love this song.

Again, this is one of those very original tunes that no one else could have done. It just doesn’t sound like any other band out there, at the time or since then. This is the kind of song that, in my opinion, is really timeless in a way. It’s proof that Stryper didn’t necessarily hitch to someone else’s style. To me it’s metal yes, but You Won’t Be Lonely just doesn’t compare to any other song of the time.

  • Again, the track is slower than the studio version.
  • This is probably one of the best vocals on a demo I’ve ever heard. Michael’s voice really was a perfect choice to front the band. Stryper wouldn’t have been the same with anyone else.
  • I could be wrong, but it sounds like the intro was recorded with an acoustic, and the studio vs is an electric.
  • Obviously, the cowbell (although it could be a woodblock, but the metal tinge makes me think it’s a bell). Gives the chorus a bit of a 70s vibe. Makes me think of Twilight Zone.
  • It’s nice to hear the uneffected background vocals on this song particularly. Although I personally like the great mix and harmonies on Y&BA, it’s great to hear the bare vocals so clearly.

I gotta say, Mike and the guys just nail it on this song. It’s so well practiced and perfected. I remember learning how to play the drums on this track, and learning how to do those great hi hat and snare fills, and keep the tempo moving. It’s not real easy to play this song all the way through without getting a little winded (if your out of shape like I am).

It would really be nice to hear an updated version, kind of like what was done with IGWT. But, more cowbell for Stryper? uh, no… let’s not.

Won’t you open up your heart?


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