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The Roxx Regime Reviews, Part 1.

This begins a series of posts I’ll make of track by track reviews of The Roxx Regime Demos, Stryper’s latest release. You can read more about the release itself here. Overall, there are obvious differences from the studio recordings, such as the ‘live’ sound and feel of the album. So I won’t focus so much on those aspects, more so what I find interesting about the songs themselves.

Track 1: From Wrong To Right

Kicking off the cd with a punch, is and has always been my absolute favorite track from The Yellow and Black Attack: From Wrong to Right. This is the best of all the early songs, even including such gems as Rock Man. There are some very good aspects to this demo:

  • Most noticeably, a slower, march like tempo, which makes the song more of a rock anthem. I like it. I like it a lot.
  • Mike’s more melodic scream leading into the guitar solo. A GREAT variation, which I’d love to hear live someday. Cmon Gip, hit me with it here in Dallas next time you’re down… 🙂
  • There’s a great gong Bob does at the end of the solo, which picks that chorus back up with a bang. Gong cymbals are something I’ve only seen Stryper do, and it would be nice to bring it back on the next album somewhere (if it doesn’t sound too dated)
  • Bob’s drums are (as on the rest of the album) mixed more pronounced. Gives the song more of a live feel, and it’s nice to clearly hear that solid Stryper hi hat sound and feel that he defined.
  • Raw backup vocals from the band. This is refreshing and a nice change from the usual angelic tones later on. Just the kind of stuff we love in demos.
  • A few great solo guitar clips appear during the last chorus in between the lyrics. A similar technique was also done on the original mix of the Yellow and Black Attack, but is not quite apparent on the 2nd (CD) release.

This song alone just makes the $10 worth it for me. I like to think we might hear this one on the next tour. What a solid, superb, classic Stryper song!

Jesus IS the way!


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