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Stryper, irrelevant?


Only to Museum of Idolatry

I beg to differ. Are the Bee Gees less relevant now because they dressed like geeks in their hay day? How about the Beatles? They played concerts in suits, then later in fur coats. No one would think to say Kiss is irrelevant, the most made up fantasy band of all time. And they’re not half the musicians Stryper is.

Not only is Stryper still relevant, their ministry is more Christ-like and far reaching than some ‘country-club’ churches of today. IMHO.

Why are we still fighting these battles? Isn’t there enough evil out there (especially today) for Christians to unite against, instead of STILL attacking other ministries?


4 Responses to “Stryper, irrelevant?”

  1. ummm…yes the Bee Gees are far less relevant today.

    And yes Stryper is not relevant today either.

    I don’t know any 16-18 year olds who are putting Stryper at the top of the iPod lists.

    I think the point the Museum of Idolatry i making is that fidelity to the Gospel message is what we’re called to. Relevance is a fleeting pipe dream and if you hitch your wagon to it then you’ll find yourself in the ash can of irrelevance as soon as the tastes of pop-culture change.

  2. Yeah, but see here’s the problem. If you judge everyone by what they wore 20 years ago, then everyone and their brother is irrelevant. There has always been and will always be a generation gap between youth and older generations.

    If, on the other hand, what makes one relevant are the fruits of their ministry, then I can tell you, along with tens of thousands of fans, young AND old… Stryper is at least as relevant today as any other ministry. More so, Stryper ministers, even today, to people that wouldn’t step foot in a church.

    If the point of the museum is to show that Christianity as a part of (or influenced by) pop culture is a fundamental problem, I have a fundamental problem with that assumption. Everyone is simply a product of the culture they are born to. So communicating the Gospel to each generation is different, because people learn, hear and understand differently. That doesn’t mean the Gospel changes, or that the method of communication matters.

  3. Stryper hitched their ministry to the Heavy Metal sub-culture. When that sub-culture vanished (practically over-night) they were left in the dust.

    In order to even have a shot at getting an audience today they’ve had to ‘re-define’ themselves.

    The message of the gospel is relevant to all people in all cultures. If we tie our ministry to passing ‘cultural fads’ in an attempt to be relevant it is just a matter of time before we aren’t.

    I grew up listening to Christian rock including Stryper. I always felt like it was the equivalent of drinking O’ Douls ‘beer’.

    Everytime the world would come up with a new type of music the Christians were always one step behind them copying the whole thing and trying to ‘Christianize’ it.

    If you like Journey and Foreigner then you’d like Petra.

    If you like Ratt, Black Sabbath and Motley Crew then you’d like Stryper because they’ve made Heavy Metal ‘church friendly’. (who cares if Heavy Metal ceases to be Heavy Metal the second you ‘Christianize it’. Why? Because Heavy Metal is not JUST a style of music. It is a way of life and a way of looking at life. It is all about rebellion against authority.

    These Christian Bands never really ran counter to the world but always tried to copy whatever the world was doing but without the sex, drugs and bad language. But I’ve been to many Christian rock concerts and I know from personal experience that there is plenty of sex, drugs and bad language. All you had to do was scratch the surface of the facade and all the sinful vices were available to you.

    Sorry but I don’t believe for a second that the way you transform the world is by copying them.

  4. See, it just really doesn’t matter what you think. Because it’s not about you, it’s only ever about Him. And where He calls, His children go and make disciples, no matter how, where, or in what form.

    So therefore, by your inept logic:
    For utilizing the blogesphere (a ‘cultural fad’ of today) to communicate its message, and furthermore and more seriously, for criticizing the direct calling of the Holy Spirit which called Stryper to evangelize to lost souls in the world, and yes, in the culture of the 80’s (not to mention today), as well as all the other people called in their time and place to minister through their own creative talent in WHATEVER way God has called them;
    I hereby pronounce the Museum of Idolatry IRRELEVANT.

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