styperizing the web

still prejudiced MTV.

So, we just caught up to the rest of the world and got digital cable, and I caught a metal show playing videos on one of the other VH1 channels.

And it occurred to me, how can a band that so obviously made a significant mark in the musc industry STILL be shafted so clearly and blatantly by the music business? What Stryper did was truly of historical significance, and there wasn’t a sliver of them to be seen in the hours-long program.

Even after other major breakthrough mainstream Christian rock bands like POD and Creed have come and gone, Stryper is going strong after nearly 25 years. What does it take for a band with that kind of longevity and worldwide fan base to get just a little bit of the credit they deserve?

Is this not some kind of serious Christian bigotry, or is it just me?


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