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big news.

Straight from the top…

Hey everyone,

I want to thank everyone for coming out to the shows. It’s great to see everyone and I look forward to seeing all of you (those within a 3000 mile range!) in Newton on 5/12.

Check out for details and links to receive info on this show and future shows as well.

Also, there will be some very BIG news to be added to about some great things that are happening in the very near future. I’m doing everything within my power not to tell you now but I wouldn’t want to spoil it and have to answer to the higher ups!

Also, most important – Kyle is feeling a bit better after the 3rd round of chemo. It takes about one week to start to recover and we have 3 rounds left to go. We appreciate everyones continued prayers. Thank you!!!

You have been so encouraging through this time and it’s meant the world!

Blessings and see you on 5/12 in Newton!



see the Stryper Forum for more…


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