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So I guess I’ve neglected this blog long enough. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, just been really busy. The business is hectic and looks like we’re going to be moving (another house in town). I will be at the Dallas Stryper show, and will again try to make it to an Orlando show but I kind of doubt it again. Anyway, here’s the latest and greatest so far as I’ve heard:

  • Michael is now wrapping up vocals on his next solo project. He’s also finalizing his soon-to-be-published memoirs AND a documentary film on his life. I’ve seen the preview of the documentary and, while very excited about it, I think it needs a little more production value. A little bit more and it could be broadcast ready. Very exciting indeed if it makes it to air on TBN or the like.
  • Stryper’s next album is due out in early summer. No release date as of yet. Don’t know what the hold up is but assuming it has to do with timing it right for Hollywood pickup.
  • Stryper is gearing up for their 2012 tour. That’s right, 28 years of touring, and counting… God bless em. Here’s the Tour Schedule.

On August 27th, VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show will feature Michael Sweet for the first time, and Jani Lane in one of his final interviews.

I believe it is no accident that Michael Sweet was on this taping of the show. There’s a reason he was there and a purpose to it. People may, for the first time ever, be open to being introduced to the Prince of peace. This is that chance for mourning rock fans everywhere to find some peace in Michael’s gentle way of ministering, not to mention a chance for fans new and old to hear about Stryper’s resurgence.

I’d like to encourage fans everywhere to simply share the news about this episode of That Metal Show wherever they can. Let’s show Warrant and all rock fans that Stryper fans love them, God is a loving and comforting God; and He’s the answer to life’s questions, uncertainty and pain.

How to Share

God is still Stryper’s fifth member and He has more He wants to do through our favorite band.


Looks like people are taking notice of how excellent The Covering is… Stryper will record an episode of That Metal Show on July 23rd!


It looks like Stryper is laying down 17 songs on the new Stryper album!

“Looking forward to tracking and seeing the guys soon. Hope fully we’ll deliver the goods:-) 17 tracks in 12 days! Let the stress begin:-)” ~ Michael

It could be that I had it close to right in my earlier post. If you add all the tracks from Soldiers Under Command and the original Y&BA you get 16 tunes (18 on the YBA remix). So could be they are re-tracking both albums with one exception, or adding one new song. Not saying this is the case for sure, I don’t really know what songs are being re-recorded. But it’s a pretty close coinkidink, donchathink?

Otherwise they could be just recording a mix of ‘greatest hits’, or doing THWTD for the 25 year album anniversary as some have suggested. Excited to find out for sure, hopefully soon.


You can now donate to help Japanese earthquake victims DIRECTLY via PayPal HERE. If you haven’t given yet, please give something, $5, 10, 20, whatever you can. I can personally vouch for the validity of the Japanese Baptist Convention.


Um, did I mention how much I love this band?

Please donate to Japan Disaster Relief.


So, my assumption is that Stryper will re-record Soldiers Under Command as the next album. But, I have a tracklist in mind that I personally think would be killer as a re-recorded album. Dig it, a double album:

Album Title: The Command

  1. Soldiers (Under Command)
  2. Makes Me Wanna Sing
  3. Together Forever
  4. First Love
  5. The Rock (That Makes Me Roll)
  6. Reach Out
  7. A Love That’s Real
  8. Together As One
  9. Surrender
  10. Lound N Clear
  11. From Wrong To Right
  12. You Know What To Do
  13. Cmon Rock
  14. You Won’t Be Lonely
  15. Loving You
  16. Battle Hymn